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Successful partnerships

The start-up developer

With the Nagel-Group as its partner, the young company true fruits has become a market leader. The company was founded twelve years ago - today true fruits GmbH is one of the most successful smoothie manufacturers in Germany. For such a meteoric rise it needed the right logistics partner. true fruits found this in the Nagel-Group. For around ten years the Nagel-Group has contributed to its success with bespoke logistics services for every phase of the company’s development.

In successful partnerships you quickly find out that the chemistry is right. There is a lot more to it than just a traditional business relationship: making progress together, joint success and joint growth. One example of this is the Nagel-Group partnership with true fruits. The joint success story began in 2009, when the food logistics company transported the first pallets of smoothies to retailers. The Bonn-based company is now successful right across Germany - and the Nagel-Group transports around 55,000 pallets a year.

true fruits GmbH was founded in 2006 and introduced the first smoothies to the German market. The initial production run of around 10,000 fruit drinks per month rapidly increased. The company has been one of the market leaders in Germany since 2015, and also sells its products in Austria and Switzerland. It achieved turnover of 43 million Euros in 2017.

As well as its core product of smoothies, the range includes a creamy (vegan milk drink) and two smoothie bowls (mixed fruits in a bowl). All its products are made from 100% natural ingredients.

Nagel-Group handles the whole supply chain

Three years after the company was founded, its managers placed the whole supply chain from production onwards into the hands of the Nagel-Group. From then onwards, all the threads were drawn together at the Kraftverkehr-Nagel branch in Andernach. The Nagel-Group took over temperature-controlled transport and warehousing, as well as the whole order-picking and final packaging process for the products.

The Nagel-Group’s support starts straight after production. The products are first collected every day from the bottling plant in Aspach. From there, drivers take the products to Andernach, where they are placed in intermediate storage, order-picked and packaged. Then they are transported directly to retailers.

true fruits decided to use the Nagel-Group as its partner because the food logistics company meets the high standards of the premium juice producer in every respect. This includes chilled storage and chilled dispatch of all products throughout Germany, as well as delivery to the catering trade and retailers. This enables true fruits to sell all its products quickly across a wide geographical area.

Opening up new markets together

At the start of its rapid growth, the company benefited particularly from the Nagel-Group’s direct delivery to retailers. All products got to the recipient within 24 or 48 hours (pallets with different recipients). As the company grew, so did the services provided by the Nagel-Group. To achieve the expected quality standard even when transport volumes rose substantially, the Nagel-Group changed to a two-warehouse strategy.

The products for northern Germany continued to be transported from Andernach, but southern Germany was then covered by the Munich site in Schweitenkirchen. This is how the Nagel-Group adapted its services to the company’s changing customer structure: as well as direct delivery to supermarkets and discount chains across a wide area, recipients increasingly included the major central warehouses of the retail trade.

The founders of true fruits: Inga Koster, Niclas Lecloux und Marco Knauf © Katja Kuhl

true fruits also benefited in another respect from using the Schweitenkirchen branch: Due to the close connections which the site has to Nagel Austria and Nagel Suisse, the fruit specialists were also able to expand their activities into Austria and Switzerland also.

Fully outsourcing logistics services makes it possible for the company to concentrate consistently on its core competencies: product development, sales and marketing. True fruits and the Nagel-Group have been able to grow in parallel with one another. The smoothie specialist is very happy to have found a partner in the Nagel-Group which not only delivers all products nationally and internationally within 48 hours at most, but which also has a special understanding of the customer’s needs.

Image: © Katja Kuhl

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