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Storing food at the right temperature

The five temperature ranges

One of the most important competencies in food distribution is continuously determining the optimal temperature at the right time. Ice cream, milk, beer, coffee, and canned food have different temperature requirements. Here you find an overview of the individual temperature ranges.

The Nagel-Group offers its services in the following five temperature ranges: frozen, ultra fresh, chilled, ambient, and dry.

Dry (>0°C)

Canned food such as tuna, sardines in oil or corned beef can be stored almost indefinitely below 40°C. Even dried pasta, rice, flour, and sugar have a very long shelf life when stored dry.

Ambient (+14 to +21°C)

Coffee should be stored at around 10-18°C to get the best flavour. The ideal temperature for storing both red and white wine is 14°C. Additionally, 14°C is also the ideal temperature for storing chocolate and confectionery products.

Chilled (+4 to +7°C)

The optimal storage temperature for beer is around 4-7°C. The suitable temperature for cheese, smoked and raw ham, and for some types of fruit and vegetables like apple and leafy vegetables is +7°C.

Ultra Fresh (0 to +4°C)

Wraps, salads, poultry, and sushi have very short shelf life and must be stored chilled. Milk and delicatessen products made with meat should be stored in the middle shelf of the fridge where it is dark and cool. Raw pasta products and lettuce require a storage temperature of 0 to +4°C.

Frozen (-18°C or colder)

Shock freezing preserves the cell structure and vitamins in vegetables. The shelf life of freshly caught fish is extended by the process of deep freezing. Storing ready to cook products like fish fingers at -18°C or colder is essential to guarantee safe consumption. As a ready to eat food, ice cream must be stored at a minimum temperature of -18°C.


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