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Quality insurance system

QS standard in Logistics

Since the start of 2015, logistics providers have had a duty to meet the QS standard in Logistics when transporting fruit and vegetables. The Nagel-Group is a pioneer in introducing the new certification.

“We fulfil the requirements for transporting fruit and vegetables together with other products,” says Hendrik Reinelt, Head of Quality Management. The Nagel-Group distributes food in all temperature categories and the most varied product groups through its pan European network. Since 2013, fruit and vegetables have also been transported, alongside many other foods.

Transparency for consumers

The Nagel-Group worked on auditing conditions for the transport of fruit and vegetables with the QS standard alongside other service-providers, producers and experts from QS GmbH. This standard indicates that logistics processes have been inspected and hygiene standards met from the farmer through to the shop counter. Transparent tracking of delivery routes creates confidence for consumers.

Certified sites

The Nagel-Group’s sites and transport units are marked with the IFS Logistics standard, which audits logistics activities for food, and therefore also certified with the QS standard for the transport of fruit and vegetables. In multi-chamber vehicles, whose temperature chambers are divided by partition walls, the most diverse product groups can be transported at the same time.

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