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Nagel-Group tests LNG-fuelled truck

The Nagel-Group is pressing ahead with the use of sustainable drive technologies: since mid-April, the food logistics company has been testing a truck running on liquefied natural gas (LNG) in the field. The vehicle is being used for both domestic and international transports.

The pilot project with the 460-hp Iveco Stralis AS 440 is set up for half a year and will end on 30 September. "In this phase we can test the technology in everyday use and gain considerable experience in terms of actual savings," explains Arthur Ebel, Corporate Fleet Management Supervisor at the Nagel-Group.

The liquid gas fuelled truck is being used at the Bad Groenenbach branch and is operated by two specially trained drivers. In order to subject the vehicle to thorough testing, it is also used for demanding journeys over the Brenner Pass.

The LNG-powered vehicle offers many advantages: it helps protect the environment because hardly any fine particles and significantly fewer nitrogen oxides are produced compared to diesel engines. Expressed in figures, provided by the manufacturer, this means fine particles are reduced by up to 95 percent and nitrogen oxides by up to 70 percent. CO2 emissions are also about 15 percent lower. An additional advantage is that a truck running on LNG is much quieter.

"I am confident that the truck will be able to cope with the challenging traffic conditions crossing the Alps," says Ebel. The LNG powered engine has a good reputation for being environmentally friendly and is considered to be as powerful as the diesel version. The truck is used both during the day and at night.

Due to its broad range of coverage, the technology is also suitable for regional and long-haul transports. The vehicle can cover a distance of about 1,500 kilometres with one tank of fuel. The infrastructure is still challenging: the nearest LNG refuelling station is located in Ulm, some 70 kilometres away. Refuelling is also possible during a tour over the Brenner Pass in Sterzing in South Tyrol.

The pilot project dovetails very well with the general efforts of the branch to integrate the topic of sustainability even more strongly in the day-to-day business of freight forwarding. The site in Bad Groenenbach was certified according to the ZNU standard "Sustainable Management" last year.

"As a family-owned company, we are committed to the principle of sustainability. We use existing resources as efficiently as possible and are always looking for optimisation potential. Testing a LNG-fuelled vehicle fits perfectly into this concept," says Carsten Taucke, CEO of the Nagel-Group.

The experience gained will be evaluated upon completion of the pilot project. Based on the findings, it will be decided if the Nagel-Group will focus even more strongly on LNG in the future.

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