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The Nagel-Group founds its own Driving Academy

Focus on HGV drivers

To strengthen the role of HGV drivers, the Nagel-Group is founding its own Driving Academy. This will bring together all the demands and processes associated with training drivers - from the recruitment of new staff through training and professional development to support for its own drivers as well as contract staff.

“Our drivers are important to us, and this is also something we want to demonstrate with the Driving Academy,” explains Raik Spengler. Spengler will manage the Driving Academy which launches from January 2018.

Attracting HGV drivers

The work of the Driving Academy will concentrate on three pillars. The first pillar is attracting new HGV drivers to the Nagel-Group. To cover the demand for HGV drivers over the coming years, it is necessary to reach the right target group of potential novice drivers. This is why the Nagel-Group has brought Limes Solutions GmbH on board, a company which increasingly uses social media communication for staff recruitment. When they have a requirement, the branches will be able to contact the Driving Academy and send their profile of requirements: local routes or long-distance transport? Trainees or experienced drivers? This will then be forwarded to the recruitment agency, and quickly matched to the applicants’ market. Within a few days, a preliminary selection will have been made, and applicants interviewed. “We have to be quick, otherwise potential candidates will have joined another employer,” says Dirk Grünhagen, Freight-Forwarding Manager for Germany.

Training and professional development

Two important pillars of the Driving Academy are the areas of training and professional development, and the structured induction of new employees. New HGV drivers in the Nagel-Group and their partners are integrated into the company exactly the same as all other employees. What does the Nagel-Group stand for? What business model was the basis for your success? In how many countries is the company represented? “This is how we like to pass on the Nagel DNA,” says Raif Spengler. Only after this are drivers made acquainted with the job requirements in the branch, their tours and customers, as well as the technology and special features specific to the branch. But all job entrants and new recruits will be supported by the Driving Academy: to this end, the Nagel-Group is cooperating with a driving school and driving instructor training centre in Schwerin. This training centre has all the necessary licences for driver training, HGV driver training and the training of instructors. This will enable the Nagel-Group not only to make sure that there is know-how in this area, but will also create the pre-conditions for the Nagel DNA to be passed on right from the beginning of driver training. All new recruits will first be able to acquire their HGV driving licence at the Driving Academy. And professional development activities will also be brought together there. “We want to take the burden off HGV drivers by doing this,” emphasizes Spengler.

Looking after drivers

The third pillar is the task of looking after our own drivers and drivers who already have long service with the company. The aim is to increase respect and appreciation for what they do. In future, every branch in Germany will have a designated supervisor for drivers and the fleet, whose task will be solely to look after the concerns of HGV drivers as their main job. The supervisor will be the first point of contact for HGV drivers. He will not only provide a sympathetic ear for their problems, but also help in finding solutions jointly. It may be problems with increasing digitization of the job, or possible areas of friction with despatching or topics to do with special (ongoing) training and processes. “Our drivers should feel that they are in safe hands,” says Dirk Grünhagen. He strongly believes that with the help of this package of measures, the Nagel-Group will succeed in future in finding enough well-trained HGV drivers for our own fleet of vehicles.

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