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Trusted companies

Nagel-Group chosen as best partner

Honest, fair, trustworthy: in a major survey, the business journal “brand eins” looked at the reputation of 300 well-known companies in Germany. The result: the Nagel-Group enjoys an excellent reputation and came out in top position in the area of “Transport and Logistics”.

Which companies have the best reputation? This is the first time the business journal "brand eins" has addressed this question. To measure reputation, the journal identified four factors: trustworthiness, social conduct, behaviour as an employer, and the quality of the product or service.

"brand eins" has conducted an extensive survey

On this basis, more than 5,000 people were questioned about companies they had dealings with as business partners, employees or customers. This assessment was expanded to include the opinion of 289 experts — for instance, professors or business editors. Additionally, financial indicators from the past three years were also taken into account in the assessment.

All companies who made it into the rankings are considered to be particularly fair, honest and trustworthy. The Nagel-Group has made it into the top 100 as the only logistics company. The Nagel-Group did not just win plaudits in general, it came out on top - ranked no.1 - in the area of “Transport and Logistics”.

All employees help shape the reputation

"brand eins" has this to say about the topic reputation: a good reputation with customers, employees, suppliers, and investors "is the result of the efforts of all employees in the company". Companies with a good reputation represent values such as credibility, trust, and responsibility. They stand for quality, fairness, transparency, and reliability. As "brand eins" puts it: "Companies that do not just print these values on glossy paper, but live by these values. Companies who you believe in and who you take at their word. In the past, they used to be referred to as upstanding companies."

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