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Anniversary in Denmark

Nagel Danmark A/S celebrates 100 years since its foundation

A reason to celebrate: Andreas Andresen A/S, today the national company of the Nagel-Group in Denmark, was founded a century ago this year.

As part of the 100-year jubilee celebrations, Nagel Danmark A/S has some very special events planned: throughout 2016, informative and entertaining activities aimed at different target groups will take place. And the anniversary will also be marked on Danish highways: a 100-year signet designed for the jubilee will announce the milestone on the company’s own trucks in the fleet.

Three employees in a small office

In 1916 G. Søndergaard founded Andreas Andresen in the Danish town of Vamdrup. In 1920 the company moved to Padborg. The idea of “freight forwarding” was unknown at that time. G. Søndergaard, and later Andreas Andresen, successfully left their mark on it in a similar way to the Nagel brothers a few years later in Versmold.

Andreas Andresen A/S initially had only three employees in a small office in Padborg. The company was owned by the family until 1992. Andreas Andersen A/S gradually specialised increasingly in food logistics.

Part of a European corporate group

Since the start of this century, the Danish company has been part of the pan-European Nagel-Group network, and has branches at five sites: Padborg, Struer, Vejle, Hørning and Bjæverskov. Nagel Danmark operates with around 500 trailers, generally multi-compartment vehicles, and 100 of its own tractor units

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