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Letter of the CEO

Carsten Taucke, CEO of the Nagel-Group


The situation concerning the spread of the COVID-19 has continued to gain momentum. Since this week, most European countries have introduced drastic measures and significantly curbed public life. It is during exceptional times like these that real strength of character is demonstrated. You show that people can rely on Nagel-Group.

We have managed to maintain robust supply chains despite these adverse circumstances. It is not something that one can take for granted in the current situation. It is the result of your efforts. During these times, the real strength of Nagel-Group is revealed: We approach the situation with pragmatism and enthusiasm, which permits the swift delivery of goods to our customers. We are aware of our responsibility. It is your efforts that allow people across Europe to purchase foodstuffs. You can be proud of this! I am.

We decided to reduce operational activities as well as other projects to focus on the supply of the population. The emphasis at the moment is on ensuring that the people of Europe are supplied reliably, despite adverse situations. I am aware that not everything can run smoothly at times like these. In particular, international traffi c and past week’s border closures came with signifi cant challenges. Trucks were stuck in traffic jams that extended up to 70 km.

Thanks to the incredible commitment of all colleagues – whether on the street, in the warehouses, workshops, or offices – we managed to tackle these volume fluctuations in an orderly manner. We will not slow down but continue to meet the challenges of the coming weeks with the same enthusiasm.

Right now, we cannot predict how long and to what extent the current measures will affect Nagel-Group’s ability to supply. It is clear to me that we must do everything possible to protect the supply chains. We bear the significant responsibility of supplying our fellow human beings. It is our priority now!

We do everything in our power to protect our employees. Most people will be familiar with the substantive rules already: Keep your distance! Implement hygiene requirements! Protect yourself as well as your loved ones! The systematic forgoing of social contact is not easy. However, together we must follow the communicated measures strictly. It is crucial to take the situation seriously to prevent it from escalating further.

It is your prudence and vigilance that will permit us to overcome this virus. I am captivated by the solidarity and team spirit with which we support one another. Sites help one another to tackle the massive chilled and dry volumes. It is these kinds of collaborations that will help us through this crisis.

I want to thank all of our employees for their dedication from the bottom of my heart. Let us secure the food supply as a team.

Stay healthy!


Carsten Taucke