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Evidences emerged at the meeting arranged by Nagel Italia and InStore

New habits of the consumers

On Nov 30th in the Eataly conference room on the third floor of their shop in Milan, the event "Industry and Distribution: how to cooperate so to optimize the supply chain?" took place in which Nagel Italia was one of the promoters and in which the discussion was about the actual trends of the food market.

To pick up the signals sent from the consumer who, even if the market is still in deflation, is ready to put in his bag goods with high value: this is the challenge that retail and industry have to face, according to information released by IRI. The market of the packaged FMCG is giving some weak signs of recovery and the food is supporting the re-start phase with its high volumes, explained Mrs. Cristina Lazzaroni, Client Service Account Director of IRI. But the consumers are paying much attention to all the feedbacks coming from the market and to all the new tendencies: vegan, bio, e-commerce… in this scenario many “niches” with high values are coming up.

These new offers are a big opportunity that the industry has in mind, as explained by Mr Ferrario, Director of Communication and External Relations of Centromarca (Italian Association of the Brand Industries). The brand concept is spreading to new areas, such as natural, bio or local. In consumer choices these elements have now become part of the common culture we cannot ignore, and the offer of the brand has to hold what is suggested by the consumers. However, there is still much work to do to adapt industry and retailers to this new scenario. In particular the industry will take actions on three aspects: the internal reorganization, eliminating some functions and rethinking other; communication, exploiting adequately the opportunities of digital; the activities at the base of the value creation process, now very different from those of the past.

In these context Mr. Filippo Schianchi, Nagel Italia Senior Account Manager, and Mr. Morchio, Supply Chain Director Finiper, presented the case history of the partnership that join the two companies since 2011. The project was born as Finiper had no central management of chilled goods and its need was to find a solution having first of all no impact in term of investments, and then a management of the goods “just-in-time”. The start-up phase with a period of fine tuning could improve the processes and the tools, creating a “tailor made” solution which is the basis of the success of this experience: the step-by-step approach shared with Finiper to define every change in the management generated a “continuous improvement loop” which involved the whole supply chain (suppliers, logistics provider, retailer) giving advantages and efficiency to all the players.

This “win-win” approach of deep partnership has been confirmed during the final panel discussion as a strategic management of all the future relationships between retail, industry and logistics providers, as the efficiency and the advantages are real for everybody: we have absolutely to improve the culture of sharing the information which is the baseline to plan a successful future.

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