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Exemplary driving

Economical driving — the Nagel-Group honours its top drivers

The Nagel-Group recognises the outstanding performance of its professional drivers. The company has continued with the tradition of honouring its 20 best drivers for economical driving during the previous year.

The two criteria which played a decisive role in the "Best Driver" competition were: how fuel-efficient was the driving? How much wear and tear did the driving style cause? The overall driving performance during the previous year was evaluated. The best drivers were honoured for safe driving at their respective sites by the branch managers and received a gift as a token of appreciation.

The truck's telematics systems, fitted by the truck manufacturers, supplied the data for the evaluation. Almost the entire vehicle fleet of the Nagel-Group is equipped with such a system. Only the vehicles equipped with a telematics system were considered in the overall evaluation.

In addition to this competition, a driving and performance analysis is carried out whereby the drivers receive regular information as to how they can improve their driving performance or optimise it considerably. Special driver and fleet trainers are available as contact persons for the professional drivers in the branches to help the drivers improve their driving style and drive with foresight and economically. At first, both parties analyse the driving style and then discuss ways to optimise it. "It is important to us that the achievements of our professional drivers are honoured," says Thomas Jäschke, Project Manager for driving training. "At the same time, we want to encourage other drivers to continue to improve."

Nagel-Group's Academy for Truck Drivers attends to the needs of its professional drivers

"Our drivers are very important to us. They do great work in their field on a daily basis," says Raik Spengler, Manager at the Nagel-Group's Academy for Truck Drivers. "We want to document and show our appreciation on a long-term basis by recognising our top drivers."

The Nagel-Group founded its own Academy for Truck Drivers at the beginning of 2018 to attend to the needs of its professional drivers more closely, thereby establishing a one-stop shop for all matters concerning the professional drivers in the company. This is where all the processes that are related to the occupation of a professional driver are grouped together. These processes include, amongst others, recruiting, a specially designed induction phase for new drivers as is common practice for commercial employees, and all aspects related to education and further training. Special driver training courses also feature regularly on the Academy for Truck Drivers' agenda.

One thing is clear, the Nagel-Group will hold this internal competition again next year. "We are looking forward to many positive results and are excited to see who will be honoured as best drivers in 2019," says Jäschke.

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