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New slogan

The Nagel-Group connects Europe’s world of food

For 80 years, the Nagel-Group has connected the food industry. A new slogan introduced in 2016 captures the essence of what we do as a food logistics company: Connecting the world of food®.

Over the past few decades, the Nagel-Group has created a European network. With sites in sixteen countries, the family firm offers customers uniform solutions for warehousing and distribution Europe-wide. The company wants to create connections in Europe as the leading food logistics supplier.

“Connecting the world of food®” expresses the aim of the Nagel-Group. The mission to supply more than 500 million consumers in Europe with fresh food through fast and punctual deliveries has united participants in the delivery chain for many years. Thus, the Nagel-Group has succeeded in building bridges as the connecting link in the food industry.

The first company slogan in English

Four slogans have accompanied the company’s development and have developed as organically as the company itself. “Fresh and chilled” was the first slogan, which laid the foundation stone for development. It made the Nagel-Group’s specialisation in the transportation of chilled food clear.

From 1987 onwards, the company’s second generation of entrepreneurs opened up the Dutch market, and this marked the beginnings of a pan-European business. During the food logistics company’s expansion period, the slogan became “... and freshness knows no boundaries”.

nagel-group austria
Our slogan in 2016

With “... and it’s possible”, the Nagel-Group positioned itself in the European market around 2010. In terms of language, the step towards an international company also became clear. A slogan in English reiterates its European orientation.

The Nagel-Group makes food logistics possible in the three business areas of full loads, part-loads and contract logistics over five temperature zones: frozen, ultra-fresh, chilled, ambient and dry. Customer-orientated and multicultural with pan-European connections are the aspects which make this family business distinctive. All this is reflected in the Nagel-Group’s new slogan: “Connecting the world of food®”.

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