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How does SOS Children's Villages help?

What happened to the Nagel-Group's Christmas donation 2017?

Every day, the Nagel-Group connects the world of food in Europe. As a family-owned company, the food logistics specialist also places great importance on fulfilling its responsibilities towards society. For this reason, each year at Christmas the Nagel-Group donates €50,000 to the SOS-Children's Villages for charitable purposes.

Last year, the users of the Nagel-Group's website could vote and decide how these donations would be distributed. The visitors could choose from twelve projects. The five projects with the most votes each received €4,000; places six to ten received €2,000. SOS-Children's Villages could use the rest of the donation as they saw fit.

Nearly half a year has passed since the winners were announced, now we have asked which top 5 projects have been realised and which children's dreams have come true thanks to the donation.

These are the top 5

© SOS Children's Village of Trento

Thanks to the donation, SOS-Children's Villages in Italy has launched a new model for participation for children and young people. The programme supports children and young people as well as their families and caregivers in critical situations. So far, 13 children have participated in this programme.

© SOS-Kinderdorf e.V.

Growing number of children are receiving psychological care. SOS-Children's Villages in Germany estimates that the proportion of psychotherapies for children that receive support from them is nearly 50%. The SOS-Children's Villages Harksheide currently accommodates 67 children and young people at its facility. The Nagel-Group's donation has been used to further improve the living conditions of these children.

© Abeer Pamuk

The war is Syria continues to rage and cause human suffering. For this reason, more and more families and children are seeking help. SOS-Children's Villages in the Netherlands supports work locally and provides funding for the reconstruction of former holiday resorts. These will be turned into flats for families in need.

© Jens Honoré

The SOS-Children's Villages programme in Kenya supports vulnerable families and municipalities in order to ensure the adequate care of children. In 2017, the programme supported 283 families and provided more than 870 children with educational opportunities and medical treatment. This process will be continued in 2018 with the support of the Nagel-Group.

© Peter Egyed

With the Christmas donation 2017, the Nagel-Group is supporting a new programme for family strengthening in northern France. This programme supports families who are no longer able to care adequately for their children. A mobile "family bus" visits families in many municipalities and provides information about the support programmes and educational opportunities. Currently, 23 children benefit from this programme.

Thank you for your support!

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