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The Nagel-Group underlines its commitment to sustainability

The sites in Bad Grönenbach and Buxheim are now certified according to the ZNU standard

The Nagel-Group is increasing its commitment to sustainability. The Bad Grönenbach branch and the warehouse in Buxheim are now both certified according to the ZNU standard "Sustainable Management". The standard is set by the Zentrum für nachhaltige Unternehmensführung (Centre for Sustainable Leadership) at the Witten/Herdecke University in Germany.

“This is a great success for the Nagel-Group and reflects the high regard the company has for sustainability,” explains Peter Jockenhövel, Project Manager for Sustainability at the Nagel-Group. The Nagel-Group was the first logistics company to fulfil the ZNU standard for "Sustainable Management" in 2017. The Versmold and Borgholzhausen sites were initially certified, followed by the branch in Bad Grönenbach and the warehouse in Buxheim. An audit, which lasted several days and performed by TÜV Rhineland, confirmed that all the certification requirements had been met.

Sustainability at the forefront of food logistics

The topic of sustainability has long since become an integral part of the day-to-day haulage business. “We interact with many customers on a daily basis who hold sustainability in high regard,” reported Karl Sigloch, Branch Manager in Bad Grönenbach. “Therefore, we are having an ongoing dialogue with our customers with respect to allocation of resources. Furthermore, we have a responsibility to the next generation.” Quality Management and other employees were well prepared for the TÜV sustainability audit – the certification was a great success for all!

The principles of sustainability are deeply rooted within the Nagel-Group. As a family-owned business, the overall orientation in the long term and the responsible allocation of resources are an essential part of the company philosophy. The food logistics company embraces a holistic understanding of sustainability that combines both ecological and socio-economic aspects.

A holistic approach to sustainability

This approach is put into practice across all levels. From an economic viewpoint, we at the Nagel-Group do not just think in terms of quarterly figures but also in terms of successive generations. This includes both the overall orientation of the company in the long term and the responsible use of resources in equal measure. As one of the leading logistics service providers for foodstuffs, the emphasis has always been on optimal utilisation of transports, bundling volumes, and optimisation of processes. These measures contribute to lowering CO2 emissions and in turn help to improve the overall environmental footprint of the Nagel-Group.

The food logistics company has come up with a sustainable solution to combat the growing shortage of professional drivers: The Nagel Driving Center – its own driving school. Here, all aspects of professional driving are coordinated, beginning with the recruitment of new employees, through training and education, to the support of its own drivers as well as contract staff. In terms of recruiting professional drivers, the food logistics company is entirely focussed on apprenticeship and qualifications.

The Nagel-Group has always attached great importance to apprenticeship. Every year the company enables around 200 highly-qualified young people to make a successful transition into the world of work via its apprenticeship programme. Currently, around 600 young people are undertaking apprenticeships across the Nagel-Group all over Germany. This makes the Nagel-Group one of the biggest training companies in logistics in Germany, thus facing up to its social responsibility.

In fact, the food logistics company even extends this responsibility to socially disadvantaged children, since at Christmas 50,000 euros are donated to the SOS Children's Villages. This supports special projects that provide children with a family environment and support their development in a sustainable manner.

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