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Successful 20 per cent reduction in CO2 earns Lean & Green Star

Nagel-Group embraces long-term ecological responsibility. The ‘Lean & Green 1st Star’ award, which the company has now received from GS1 Germany, is a fitting testimony to that commitment. Companies that have cut their carbon dioxide emissions by 20 per cent or more within five years are singled out for an award.

GS1 Germany’s ‘Lean & Green’ sustainability initiative aims to reduce greenhouse emissions in transport and logistics processes. Participants from industry, trade and logistics have taken specific and tangible steps in pursuit of their commitment to make significant reductions to their CO2 emissions.

Nagel-Group had already received the ‘Lean & Green Award’ for its carbon dioxide reduction plan in 2016. In this year’s follow-up audit, TÜV Nord inspection services confirmed savings of more than 20 per cent in CO2 per transported tonne of shipment weight during the period under review, 2014 to 2019.

“We have implemented a package of measures over the past few years which massively reduce our CO2 emissions. Our strategy not only impressed the auditors but also ensures that Nagel-Group produces fewer emissions every single day,” explains Peter Jockenhövel, Head of Sustainability.

The comprehensive modernisation of our vehicle fleet; fuel-efficient driving training courses held regularly in the branches aimed at drivers and fleet managers; and consistently avoiding empty runs by continuously adapting transportation patterns: these were just three of the wide-ranging initiatives which led to this notable success. “The Lean & Green 1st Star confirms our commitment to conserving resources and is an incentive to keep on making improvements,” says Jockenhövel.

As well as participating in GS1 Germany’s Lean & Green initiative, Nagel-Group is working at various levels to make the company even more sustainable. For example, they have recently brought into service the largest roof-mounted photovoltaic system in the Ruhr area at their Bochum branch.

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