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The support of SOS-Kinderdorf

What happened to the Christmas donation 2016

Each year the Nagel-Group makes a Christmas donation together with SOS-Kinderdorf e.V. The users of the Nagel-Group website can vote to decide which projects should be supported. Nearly half a year has passed since the publication of the winners, now we have asked what projects have been realised and which children's dreams have come true thanks to the donation.

These are the top 5

Photo: SOS Children's Village of Trento

SOS-Kinderdorf, Trento built a new play area for the children of single mothers using funds from the Nagel Christmas donation. A large swing and plastic slide are used for playing, interacting and strengthening the social bond.

The SOS-Kinderdorf supports single mothers, provides accommodation and gives advice with regard to the education of children.

Photo: Sandra Sickinger

The SOS-Kinderdorf, Saarbrücken has launched a cooking project by means of the donation that helps to bring healthy nutrition closer to disadvantaged families. The parents prepare recipe plans and shopping lists. In the afternoon they cook together and get to know how important a healthy and balanced diet is for their child´s development.

Not only the quality and freshness of the ingredients are in the focus, but also how to use ingredients cost effectively. Disadvantaged families get to know how they can afford to eat healthy food on a regular basis. Even the children get to know something about healthy food. At the same time, the workshop promotes a positive interaction between parents and children.

Photo: Urs Bernhard

Within the frame of the SOS-family strengthening programme Maradi, Niger, nearly 500 people have received better access to drinking water thanks to the hygiene and water projects of SOS-Kinderdorf, Switzerland. In total 14 households have received a direct connection - children especially benefit from this as previously they had to walk a long way to collect water from the well. Furthermore, the project enabled improvements to the hygiene facilities for 260 people with the construction of family latrines. In addition the Kinderdorf also offers training for personal hygiene and waste management.

Photo: Jens Honoré

The SOS-family strenghtening programme in Nairobi has helped nearly 297 families including 863 children and 192 young people: SOS-Kinderdorf, Denmark aims to prevent vulnerable families from falling apart by means of this programme.

Various projects aim to ensure children receive access to education and basic healthcare. Additionally, families learn other skills such as how to start their own business - and consequently earn their own living as well as improve their quality of life. In total, SOS-Kinderdorf, Kenya has raised the awareness of 3,120 families about health and nutrition issues, 300 have received food packages and 1,900 children have obtained health treatment through the SOS-Kinderdorf e.V.

Photo: SOS Children's Villages

SOS-Kinderdorf, United Kingdom constructed a Vocational Training Centre in Zambia. It offers courses such as cookery and agricultural training. In addition, a diner has been opened to the local community by means of the donation. This will enable the young people in our care to not only learn useful nutritional skills and how to grow food, but also how to sell these food products. This knowledge is intended to help young people to be financially secure on their own in the future.

In Zambia, there is a need to support the young people in our care with vocational skills that will be useful to them in life and for supporting their families. A comprehensive knowledge about nutrition and agriculture also provides a sustainable development to the local community.

Thank you for your support!

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