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Nagel-Group employee Kaj Schmidt introduces DocStop in Denmark

Much can be achieved with commitment and passion. This has been the experience of Kaj Schmidt, an employee of the Nagel-Group from Denmark. The professional driver has made a significant contribution towards the launch of the medical network in Denmark.

Kaj Schmidt. Photo: www.sikkertrafik.dk

On Friday, 19 May DocStop Denmark was officially launched on the premises of Nagel Danmark A/S in Padborg. The association "DocStop for Europeans" is committed to improve medical care for professional drivers on the road. "I'm very pleased that we are now able to offer a network to Denmark's professional drivers on which they can rely in the event of illness", explains Rainer Bernickel, initiator of the association "DocStop for Europeans".

That DocStop is now also available in Denmark, is primarily due to Kaj Schmidt. The Nagel-Group employee has contributed in the establishment of the medical care on the road with a great deal of personal commitment. He was even presented with the "Årets Ildsjæl 2017" award at a traffic safety conference in Copenhagen. The award ceremony took place in the presence of the Danish transport minister Ole Birk Olesen.

Falck emergency service also on board

Since November 2015, Kaj Schmidt has been working on developing DocStop's program in Denmark, officially on behalf of the Nagel Group. 700 physicians and clinics are already part of the network in Germany. A professional driver can visit any of these physicians and clinics in the unexpected event of illness. Be it toothache, flu or back pain, around 400 truck drivers use the services offered in Germany every month.

"Almost every driver has fallen sick while driving," says Kaj Schmidt. Drivers need quick and uncomplicated support in times of illness because only healthy drivers make safe drivers. Where is the nearest doctor? Can the person concerned drop in at short notice? Will he/she be treated promptly? Are there adequate parking facilities? Kaj Schmidt was not only able to persuade the Danish emergency service Falck of the benefits of his project, he was also able to convince the trade association for the Danish road transport of goods, International Transport Danmark (ITD). KRONE, MAN and Mercedes also support the project "DocStop Denmark".

DocStop is planning a network in Austria, Poland, and the Netherlands

All truck drivers and bus drivers in Denmark can call the DocStop hotline in future. The emergency service Falck has a hotline, Tel. (0045) 79 42 46 44, which is available 24/7 and assists in contacting a doctor or hospital. Additionally, four information points have been established in Denmark, where drivers can receive information on medical professionals in the area. These are located in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Padborg, and Esbjerg.

However, the association "DocStop for Europeans" does not rest on its success in Denmark. "We have not yet achieved our target as regards the general improvement of medical care for professional drivers on the road" explains Rainer Bernickel. In fact, the successful efforts in Denmark have served as a motivation to establish a network in other European countries in addition to Germany. In Austria, efforts are already in full swing. Moreover, Poland and the Netherlands have also been taken into account by the association.

For Kaj Schmidt, his personal commitment has developed into a real success story. He feels almost uncomfortable about the media fame due to the award ceremony at the traffic safety conference and the opening of DocStop Denmark. “I am just advocating a cause I believe in,” he says. He is only concerned about increasing road safety for his colleagues when they are on the road. "They should completely concentrate on practising their profession, and have a contact partner in the event of illness", he adds. The fact that he was back on the road that same evening after the award ceremony proves that Kaj Schmidt is a professional driver at heart.

The association "DocStop für Europäer e.V."

The association "DocStop für Europäer e. V." was founded to provide better medical care for professional bus and truck drivers on trans-European transportation routes. Planned as a European pilot project, the founders wanted to contribute to road safety and the creation of a humane workplace for professional bus and truck drivers in the transport sector.

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