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Christmas donation for SOS Children's Villages 2017

Help us make wishes come true

Voting for our Christmas donation campaign is now open. You can choose three of your favourite projects from a total of twelve projects initiated by the SOS Children's Villages. We look forward to your participation.

The Nagel-Group supports SOS Children's Villages with its Christmas campaign and donates 50,000 euros to selected projects every year. "To grant the wishes of children in need in cooperation with SOS Children's Villages is a cause which is very close to our hearts," says Marion Nagel, shareholder of the Nagel-Group. As a family-owned company, the food logistics specialist places great importance on fulfilling its responsibilities towards society.

To give children in need a future worth living

If you are interested, you can vote until 15 January 2018 for three projects undertaken by SOS Children's Villages which you think should receive the donation. Once the voting is over, five projects with the most votes will each receive €4,000; places six to ten will each receive €2,000. SOS Children's Villages can distribute the remaining amount as they see fit.

The national associations of SOS Children's Villages have each proposed a project they would like to support and which will be open for voting.

You can vote for the following programmes:

© Birgit Satke

The telephone and online helpline "Rat auf Draht" (RaD) is an important advisory centre for children and young adults and their parental figures. The team made up of psychologists, life coaches, social counsellors, psychotherapists and legal experts helps with problems and questions and on how to deal with crisis situations. Around 70,000 people seeking advice contact RaD each year. A broad range of topics are addressed. Counselling is offered for family problems, problems at school, addiction, violence, stalking, sexual abuse, and suicidal thoughts.

© SOS Children´s Villages

The refugee home Hejmo has been taking care of unaccompanied refugee children in Belgium since August 2016. Here, the children from Afghanistan and Guinea can grow up in a caring family environment. The financial support will help to promote their integration in the community through sports and art activities.

© Friederike Küchlin

The aim of the project supported by SOS Children's Villages Switzerland is as follows: "I have a right to live in a family, to be loved, and to feel protected and secure". 176 families are provided with training and support. 200 children receive care at the SOS Children's Villages. Excessive alcohol abuse in families is a leading cause of child neglect. Therefore, one of the aims of the project is to promote awareness.

© SOS-Kinderdorf e.V.

Children residing at the SOS Children's Village in Harksheide have experienced failed relationships and neglect as part of their daily lives. The emotional setbacks and the resulting developmental delay are worse than material damages. These children need therapeutic assistance to deal with the traumatic experiences.

© Jens Honoré

SOS Children's Villages Denmark aims to prevent vulnerable families from being separated through their family strengthening programmes in Nairobi. Children here are provided with medical care and vocational training. They can learn a trade and attend entrepreneurial training at SOS Vocational Training Centres.

© SOS Children´s Villages

This project aims to facilitate the social integration of children and families who are at risk of social exclusion and conflicts. As part of the Snack Together campaign, children in day centres are served three meals a day and have the opportunity to come into contact with other children. All children who participate in this campaign can keep a snack diary and learn how to eat a healthy diet.

© Peter Egyed

The SOS Children's Village in northern France works with families who are going through difficult times. Problems in the families frequently lead to parents not being able to care adequately for their children. The SOS Children's Village would like to use the donation to help families improve their skills to provide care and support for the children.

© Pinsent Masons LLP

The main focus of the project supported by SOS Children's Villages UK is on helping families affected by HIV/AIDS. 153 families who are affected by crippling poverty will receive a family development plan with clear goals which ensures that the children receive care and support from their families. Regular house calls by project supervisors also ensure that the children do their homework.

© SOS Children’s Village Italy

Family Group Conference is aimed at parents of special needs children. They will be trained to fulfil their role as parents and to take responsibility for their children. The project is based on a new model for children and young people living in dire conditions. Exchanging views with qualified staff will allow the parents to face their reality and help them rethink their approach.

© Abeer Pamuk

The war in Syria has resulted in hundreds of thousands of children being displaced. The number of orphans in need is very high. However, the SOS Children's Villages in Syria has limited capacity. For instance, the SOS Children's Village in Aleppo had to be closed down for security reasons in 2012. Nevertheless, SOS Children's Villages from the Netherlands would like to significantly increase their relief efforts in Syria by offering additional accommodation and has therefore purchased a former holiday camp near Damascus. This holiday camp will be home to around 80 to 100 children.

© SOS files

This programme helps families in need who are at risk of losing their children due to poverty, disability, vulnerability or addiction. The SOS Children's Village in Biłgoraj offers the broken families a helping hand. The children can do their homework or play together thanks to childcare services offered in the afternoon. Donations will help to expand educational programmes and provide day centres with the things they need most.

© SOS local team

Poor families in SOS Children's Village in Hemeius will be trained to provide support for their children through educational assistance and consultation. Currently, 30 children are benefiting from the social care provided by the SOS Children's Village.

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