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Christmas donation for SOS Children's Villages 2018

Project from Italy tops the list

For the fifth time, the Nagel-Group carried out a Christmas donation together with SOS-Kinderdorf e.V. last year. It is now clear what amount each project will receive.

Until 15 January 2019, the users of our website could vote and decide upon the distribution of 50,000 euros. Around 1,900 votes were cast over the voting period

The result:

© Katerina Ilievska

In Italy, SOS Children’s Villages has launched care and prevention projects for families in crisis. Professionals support families to try and prevent them breaking up. They help mothers to overcome feelings of loneliness and of being overwhelmed, so that they can look after their children again. The psychological help and training is also aimed at re-building fractured relationships between mothers and their children. Parents in crisis are also shown how to fulfil their parenting role again, and take control of their own lives.

© Mika Volkmann

In the Dusseldorf district of Garath there are many children who do not get a hot meal at lunchtime every day. Building a large kitchen is designed to remedy this, and create a “social lunch area” to provide boys and girls with healthy food. Modern kitchen equipment is also needed for this project. Around 150 children would benefit daily from the food provided. Schoolchildren with special needs would also be offered practical work experience to learn about work in catering.

© Lara Belova

SOS Children’s Villages France has built a new facility in Beauvais-sur Matha to care for destitute children in France. Children growing up without parents will be cared for in a family-like environment which offers them security and warmth. 36 children will get a new home, and will be supported and encouraged on their journey through life. The donation will be used to equip children’s bedrooms and family homes.

© Marta Kimak

The family strengthening programme in Bilgoraj helps out families in seemingly hopeless circumstances. Various kinds of support are on offer to help them regain their independence. Parents learn strategies for getting their lives back on track. At the same time, SOS Children’s Villages Poland ensures that children in this difficult situation receive the best possible care. The donation is used to pay the salaries of social workers and educators.

© Luke Porter

The team of counsellors on the telephone helpline, a project run by SOS Children’s Villages, has helped children and young people throughout Austria for over 30 years. Adolescents can be confronted with problems from time to time, and getting help from their own family or friends seems impossible. In such cases the telephone helpline team listens and advises those seeking help. Topics vary from problems in the family or school to sexuality, addiction, experiences of violence or suicidal thoughts. Around 120 calls a day are received - and the trend is rising.

The winning project will receive 20,000 euros in total. Projects in second and third place will get 10,000 euros each. And those in fourth and fifth place will each be supported with 5,000 euros.

Thank you for your support!

Headerimage: © Katerina Ilievska

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