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When Key Account Managers become experts in different sectors

Sector management makes optimum logistics solutions possible

Each of our customers’ sectors is unique: the dairy business faces different challenges to the confectionery sector or the meat industry. To better understand the needs of customers, and to react to them, the Nagel-Group is expanding its sector management. This will enable sales staff to become specialists in a particular sector, and support customers with bespoke supply chain solutions and their own specialist knowledge.

The Nagel-Group is not only an expert in the world of food logistics, but has started to acquire an indepth under-standing of the very diverse requirements of different customer segments. The Nagel-Group brings these together in the form of sector management. One major aim is to become even clos-er to customers, to orientate logistics solutions consistently to the requirements of the different food sectors and thereby create real added value.

To achieve this, the Nagel-Group supports its Key Account Managers actively in expanding their sector know-how at the most varied levels. Attending and helping organise meetings of trade associations are very much part of the work of some Key Account Managers, as is giving lectures at these events. Visiting trade fairs and conferences for specific sectors is essential. “Our Key Account Managers and sales staff are logistics specialists through and through, and we are now also developing them so that they become the best-networked insiders,” explains Gerd Neuenstein, Chief Sales Officer (CSO) of the Nagel-Group.

We are launching sector management with milk and dairy products

Sector management consists of four key areas: In addition to purely sales activities, solutions development, consultancy and work in trade associations are being gradually implement-ed. In a first step, the Nagel-Group has established sector management for the milk and dairy industry, setting up permanent contacts. One of these people is Florent Chipault. The Corporate Key Account Manager has worked for the food logistics company for eleven years, and since then has looked after major international milk and dairy companies. Corporate Key Account Manager Mathias Büse also looks after well-known companies in the milk industry. This enables them to support customers not “only” as service-providers, but most of all as advisors with real sector competency.

Eyes firmly fixed on innovative approaches and the complete supply chain

In order to provide the best possible ad-vice to the customer Chipault and Büse always have their fingers on the pulse of the sector. Through attendance at the German Milk and Dairy Congress, as well as meetings with customers and trade associations, it has become clear that both product segments and branded goods will be even more highly differentiated in future. Value Added Service is becoming increasingly important for successfully positioning these products in supermarkets. Florent Chipault and Mathias Büse then discuss these developments with their customers, and develop logistics solutions which are precisely tailored to their individual needs.

Developing bespoke supply chain solutions

“We transfer our logistics know-how directly to the sector, and offer the customer bespoke supply chain solutions,” explains Gerd Neuenstein. “This creates real added-value and improves customer processes.” The fact that a logistics service-provider understands their worries and needs, and will work out solutions to problems, is well received in the sector. “We have received a lot of positive feedback for our approach from customers,” is Florent Chipault’s conclusion.

“The positive reactions to our sec-tor management policy in the milk and dairy sector have reinforced our de-termination to transfer this concept to other sectors too,” says Gerd Neuenstein. Customers will therefore gradually come to experience the Nagel-Group not only as food logistics experts, but also as experts in their own specialist area.

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