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Digitisation optimises working processes at SalzburgMilch

On course for growth with the Nagel-Group

The Nagel-Group is happy about its latest new customer: since December 2017 SalzburgMilch GmbH has entrusted its products for the German market to the Schweitenkirchen branch. Austria’s third largest dairy benefits from a cross-border collaboration with the logistics site in Upper Bavaria, which reduces journey times and ensures better traceability of products..

“We are really happy that we have been able to support SalzburgMilch GmbH with our experience in temperature-controlled food logistics,” comments Christian Böhlke, Regional Sales Manager at the Schweitenkirchen branch about this important customer acquisition. The dairy produces a full range of milk and cheese products, offering around 700 different products. The production flows are complex. SalzburgMilch buys fresh milk from 2,700 farmers, and seven different types of milk are processed separately. It can be a quick process - such as the day’s fresh milk - or take a long time, such as twelve months for a mature cheese.

Continuously invested in processes

“The degree of automation in production, packing and palletisation is very high here,” says Bernhard Bruckmoser, Warehousing/Logistics Manager. “Nevertheless, ultimately everything depends on our staff’s experience and artisan know-how”. The dairy invests continuously in its processes: over the past eight years, around 100 million Euros have flowed into new plants, storage options and increased capacity, as well as a new site. The digitisation of processes is becoming increasingly important for controlling processes better, and meeting customer requirements. “Constant optimisation of processes is essential,” says Bernhard Bruckmoser.

Shipments at a glance any time

As well as customers in Austria, the dairy supplies other European countries. “Milk is a sensitive raw material and the shelf life of our fresh products is mostly very short, which is logistically challenging,” emphasizes Bruckmoser. This is what made the milk and cheese producer decide on the Nagel-Group. As well as the higher speed of distribution (with the Nagel-Group, the products generally reach the customer a day earlier than previously), SalzburgMilch also benefits from an IT-supported traceability system. This means that the dairy can track its shipments at any time and provide its customers with early notification. The returns management of the Nagel-Group also make it possible to return food products smoothly. “In future we plan to grow further, and in this respect we will benefit greatly from the close-knit Nagel- Group network,” says Bruckmoser. With the Schweitenkirchen branch, the dairy now has an important foothold in the German market. We assume that there will be further synergies between the Nagel-Group and SalzburgMilch, and we look forward to standing alongside our customer in his growth plans,” says Christian Böhlke, viewing the future optimistically. Acquiring this customer is further evidence that the Schweitenkirchen site is expanding its core competency in the area of logistics for dairy products.

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