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Airfreight and sea freight

Nagel-Group transports goods from around the world to Europe

Mangoes from South Africa or swordfish from the Indian Ocean — exotic foodstuffs on European plates has become just as normal as finding Italian Parma ham in Hong Kong or German baker's yeast in Iceland. The globalisation of taste continues. In this culinary network, the Nagel-Group supports its customers as a competent and reliable partner, a specialist for airfreight and sea freight, and an expert on import and customs regulations.

Container freight: from all over the world to Europe

When it comes to sea freight, all the threads of the Nagel-Group come together at the Hamburg branch. Here, Arne Runge, Seaport Import and Export Manager, and his staff, manage all container transports for our customers. The team is responsible for the smooth handling at the container port in Hamburg, and the ports in Bremen/Bremerhaven, Rotterdam, and Antwerp.

As one of the leading food logistics companies in Europe, the Nagel-Group offers customised options for import and export to its customers, thus opening up the complex access to the European food market especially to customers from all over the world. "To achieve this, we work with agents around the world. When our customers import goods from China, our agents book the sea freight according to the existing contract," says Runge. The goods are then shipped, distributed promptly via the Europe-wide distribution network, and delivered directly to the recipient.

The Nagel-Group also offers integrated solutions for export. The goods delivered from all over Europe are first stowed in containers and then prepared for sea transport. "For instance, we deliver regularly to Australia, Oman or the UAE," says Runge. The branch works directly with the shipping companies. The site in Hamburg is both an authorised consignor and consignee. An organic certification allows the transport of organic products. The Food and Drug registration allows deliveries to be made to the US.

Transport of sensitive foodstuffs by airfreight

Sea freight is well suited as a mode of transport if the exotic foodstuffs have an non-critical shelf life. However, airfreight is the right choice if the goods are highly sensitive, fresh, and needed at short notice. The Nagel-Group is also a specialist for temperature-controlled logistics in the airfreight segment. With Nagel Airfreight, it offers its customers comprehensive solutions at various airports in Germany. The Nagel-Group is now also able to provide this service with Nagel Airfreight France at its site in Paris.

Nagel Airfreight has specialised in the transport of fresh fish and fresh fruit. Tuna and swordfish often come from the Indian Ocean, whereas lobsters and crabs are imported from Canada. South America and South Africa are among the main suppliers of fresh fruit. "Besides grapes and mangoes, it can also be raspberries, especially when they are out of season in Europe," explains Umut Bulut, Airfreight Manager at the Nagel-Group.

When importing, Nagel Airfreight's employees ensure that European customers receive their foodstuffs punctually from producers from all over the world. Once the goods have arrived at Frankfurt Airport, they are immediately dispatched and transported further. As the transport of fresh fish is very demanding, Nagel Airfreight has its own delivery network which delivers the goods to the recipient within 24 hours. Nagel Airfreight is supported in this by its partner sites in Bremerhaven, Padborg (Denmark) or Urk (the Netherlands), which are located at important transshipment points for fish. In addition to fish and fruit, meat, vegetables and herbs — both fresh and frozen — are also frequently transported.

Nagel Airfreight also supports its customers along the entire supply chain when exporting sensitive foodstuffs. "We have partners in nearly every country in the world and can therefore request transport to almost any corner of the earth," emphasises Bulut.

Specialists take care of customs formalities

To ensure that everything goes as quickly as possible when importing into Europe, the Nagel-Group also takes care of import regulations and customs duties. The food logistics company has established four Customs Competence Centers within the Group in order to meet the increasingly complex requirements in the best possible way. This expertise is now spread across customs experts at Nagel Suisse, Nagel Airfreight, the sea freight department in Hamburg, and Nagel Danmark in Padborg. This is where the highly specialist knowledge of all aspects of customs is pooled and made available to every Nagel-Group customer. Hans-Joachim Brockmeyer, Head of Corporate European LTL Network & Quality, is pleased to note: "This allows us to offer each customer a full range of services, including third-country transports." An efficient and transparent processing is guaranteed even in complex situations such as Brexit by pooling customs know-how in the competence centres.

"We ensure that food from all over the world is delivered to the consignee on time, in every temperature range, and in compliance with all the necessary quality standards of each country," explains Klaudia Vollmer, Head of Sales Germany at the Nagel-Group. Ms Vollmer adds: "This enables us to provide our customers with the right logistics solution along the entire supply chain, thus opening up new distribution channels for our customers worldwide."

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