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Nagel Langdons transports more than 5.9 million meals a year for FareShare

Logistics for a charity organisation

FareShare is the leading UK wide charity fighting hunger and food waste. They redistribute surplus food to frontline charities and community groups that support vulnerable people. Nagel Langdons has been supporting this organisation as logistics partner for eight years to help deliver good food that might otherwise go to waste, to people in need throughout the UK.

Gillian Kynoch, Head of FareShare in Scotland, and Malcolm Wilde, General Manager for Scotland at Nagel Langdons.

According to WRAP (Waste and Resources Action Programme) estimates, the UK food industry wastes nearly 2 million tonnes of food every year. At least 270,000 tonnes is perfectly fit for human consumption, and could provide enough food for 650 million meals. At the same time, approximately 8.4 million people in the UK struggle to afford a meal – the equivalent of the entire population of London.

FareShare work to turn this environmental problem into a social solution, by working closely with hundreds of retailers, manufacturers and growers to identify food that cannot be sold as intended, and divert it to charities that feed vulnerable people, rather than see it go to waste.

FareShare benefits from the nationwide distribution network of Nagel Langdons

"Food waste is bad for everyone: the environment, the economy, and the soul. We at Nagel Langdons are doing everything we can to help FareShare deliver food to people in need," says Malcolm Wilde, General Manager for Scotland at Nagel Langdons. "Although the contribution of logistic experts is hidden, Nagel Langdons is proud to lend its expertise for a worthy cause, and help FareShare and its partners provide food to those in our society who need it the most."

Nagel Langdons now handles almost 25 percent of FareShare’s inbound distribution.

Providing a vital link between food businesses and the charity the company moves 2,500 tonnes of surplus food every year for FareShare, the equivalent to over 5.9 million meals. The food is distributed nationwide through the Nagel Langdons’ network to all of FareShare’s 20 Regional Centres in Scotland, England, Wales, and Northern Ireland, where it is then stored, sorted, and redistributed to local charities and community groups.

Mark Varney, Director of Food at FareShare explains why having the support of Langdons is so valuable for FareShare’s operation: “Langdons currently transport between 50 and 250 pallets per week for FareShare. This is typically nutritious and valuable product, which we are collecting with short life from food partners, who would otherwise struggle to get the stock to FareShare Regional Centres in the relatively small quantities required. It’s a small amount of the overall transport for Nagel Langdons, but it’s a lot of food for FareShare and it provides a real lifeline for local charities who receive the food.”

Flexibility and speed at Nagel Langdons

No business plans to end up with food they cannot sell. Surplus food is unpredictable by nature, caused by a range of issues including forecasting errors, manufacturing mistakes, and cancelled orders. This means that the quantity of food available to FareShare and its source varies every day.

Mark Varney explains how having Nagel Langdons as a logistics partner enables the charity to be responsive and agile when surplus food is available: “Working with Nagel Langdons enables FareShare to react quickly, and book transport last minute to collect small or large volumes of food from our food partners the next day. This means we can make use of food that has a short shelf life, and we can also collect large volumes and distribute them across our whole network of 20 Regional Centres across the UK.”

Turing your surplus food into social good

Last year, FareShare distributed over 12,000 tonnes of food throughout the UK. By working together, FareShare, Nagel Langdons, and other businesses provide enough surplus food for 26 million meals, that’s enough to feed over 400,000 people every week, with an estimated value to the charity sector of £22.2 million.

The 5,589 charities that receive food through FareShare provide a lifeline to vulnerable people, including homeless hostels, children’s breakfast clubs and lunch clubs for older people. By receiving food from FareShare, these organisations are better able to provide nutritious meals, alongside life-changing support services.

Receiving food from FareShare has a positive economic impact on their charity members, who are often overstretched and underfunded. With each charity saving an average of £7,900 a year, and with more than 80% investing these savings into providing additional support services for their clients, such as counselling and employment advice. According to a study by FareShare, 1 out of 5 charity organisations would face closure without their FareShare food provision.

How our customers can help

You might be surprised how simple it can be to turn your surplus food into something positive that can provide a lifeline for people in need. "Our partnership with FareShare is a win-win situation," says Malcolm Wilde.

"Our customers often ask us to dispose of expired or surplus food. The costs for disposal of packaging or collection costs for waste bins and waste sites are often costs which the customer hasn't anticipated," adds Stuart Gale from Nagel Langdons. "The alternative is to return the surplus stock to the customer. This in turn leads to transport costs, and the customer has to dispose of the product on their own."

As an alternative, we encourage our customers to get on board and send their surplus food to FareShare. To find out more, get in touch with the food team at foodoffers@fareshare.org.uk or visit www.fareshare.org.uk/fareshare-nagel-langdons/.

FareShare FoodCloud

FareShare will focus on digital networking in the future. FareShare FoodCloud, is a store-level solution which was launched last year to link charity organisations with local supermarkets. The supermarket uploads a list of surplus food products to the cloud. The local charity receives an alert of what food is available that day, and can then collect the food personally from the store.

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