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Container logistics

Food transport: how yeast from Germany gets to Iceland

The container ship has covered a distance of 3,000 kilometres since it left Bremerhaven, making its way to the north of Europe. The container transport for Hagold Hefe GmbH to Iceland was handled by the Hamburg branch of the Nagel-Group, thus ensuring that fresh baker's yeast from Germany can be used in Icelandic bread, rolls or baguette.

The ship arrives at the port of Reykjavík a week later, having sailed along Iceland's rugged coastline with its jagged cliffs, green meadows, and endless expanse. The port of Reykjavík serves as an important transshipment point for goods from Europe and Asia. The huge container ships slowly enter the port. The dock workers are waiting to use the cranes to lift the heavy containers off the ship, including containers with frozen yeast dough from Germany.

Along with the USA, Great Britain, and the Netherlands, Germany is one of Iceland's most important trading partners. The sea route is an excellent way to reach the island country and to enter the Icelandic market. This opportunity allows the Nagel-Group to support the yeast producer along the entire supply chain.

Yeast is deep-frozen and preserved

The supply chain essentially begins with a hive of activity in the yeast factory in Schwarzenbach/Saale. The employees pack the fresh baker's yeast for transport. The Nagel-Group subsequently takes over the complete distribution to Iceland. First, employees at the Nuremberg branch collect the goods and bring the fresh foodstuffs to Bamberg. During the transport, the yeast is stored in the chilled area between two and four degrees Celsius. Subsequent tasks are performed by the employees of Transthermos, a company of the Nagel-Group, in Bamberg where the yeast is deep-frozen and preserved at minus 18 degrees Celsius. The Nagel-Group has expanded its expertise in the frozen food segment through its acquisition of Transthermos. It is now able to offer its customers access to an extensive network in the frozen food segment.

Hagold Hefe GmbH, which has been selling its fresh baker's yeast in Europe for 20 years, also relies on this network. It requested the Nagel-Group, its long-standing logistics service provider, to lend its support to enter the Icelandic market. "As one of the market leaders in food logistics, the Nagel-Group is the ideal partner to distribute part loads in Germany and Europe quickly," says Gerd Geiger, head of logistics at Hagold Hefe GmbH. "This is why we have decided to develop the service segment "sea" together with the Nagel-Group."

Transport in container

The Transthermos truck reaches Hamburg with the frozen fresh baker's yeast. The employees of Kraftverkehr Nagel Hamburg take over thereafter. However, requirements in certifications have to be complied with and guidelines have to be observed before the fresh baker's yeast can be transported. To this end, the rules in the "Konsulats- und Mustervorschriften" (reference work published by Hamburg Chamber of Commerce containing the import requirements for all countries in the world) have to be reviewed or export accompanying documents have to be applied for. Arne Runge, head of international sea freight at Kraftverkehr Nagel in Hamburg, is an expert in this department.

After organising the necessary documents, the sea freight service is booked with the shipping company. "We rented special reefer containers from the shipping company for the transport. These are particularly suitable for the storage of temperature-sensitive cargo," says Runge. The reefer containers are initially loaded in an off-premises warehouse of the Nagel-Group in Hamburg. The container is then loaded onto a container ship in Bremerhaven.

Foodstuffs reach Reykjavík

After seven days at sea, the container ship reaches the Icelandic capital. Regular checks have been performed on the cargo before its arrival. From Reykjavík, the customer takes over the transport and distributes the yeast to the Icelandic bakeries. It can now be used to make bread, fresh rolls, and crispy baguettes.

The Nagel-Group plans to expand its service offering via sea. "We are well on track and are now cooperating with several companies," says Runge. The successful completion of the container transport to Iceland is just the starting point for this development. Container logistics is a service offering to the Nagel-Group's customers to enable them to export their foodstuffs to many different countries on schedule.

Headerphoto: © Harald Bolten - Fotolia.com

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