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Food Logistics in the Land of the Gourmet

It's harvest time in the wine regions of France. The country is well-known for its many different wine varieties, as well as its stunning panoramic mountain ranges running along the boundary of Provence, and its flowering hydrangea bushes in Brittany. The French landscape is just as diverse as Paris, its capital city. The most famous metropolis in the country is home not only to around 2.2 million people, but also to STG & Nagel Logistique. The French subsidiary of the Nagel Group understands and values the importance of France as a logistics location.

Covering 660,000 m2, the French Republic is the largest country in the European Union in terms of surface area. In the north, it borders the North Sea, in the west, the Atlantic, and it rubs shoulders with the Mediterranean in the south-east. The national borders with Spain and Switzerland boast the highest mountain ranges in Europe - the Pyrenees and the Alps. Around 65.8 million individuals live in the founding state of the European Union. The French Republic also includes four further overseas territories outside Europe: French New Guyana, Reunion, Guadeloupe and Martinique.

The French transportation system: a central logistics location in Western Europe

Its central position in Western Europe and a well-developed traffic infrastructure in industrial areas and conurbations make France a central logistics location. From Paris, the capital, the network of motorways and major roads connects all parts of mainland France with its neighbouring countries. Likewise the 1,025 mile-long motorway system, mainly comprising toll roads, makes super-fast connections a reality. In the future, this network will undergo further expansion and modernisation, in order to cope with rising volumes of freight and passenger traffic.

In addition to domestic logistics traffic, foreign trade with its European neighbours is also very important. Figures from the World Bank indicate an export volume of 725.59 billion US Dollars in 2016. This makes France the sixth largest export country in the world. Nevertheless, the country actually recorded more import expenditure than actual export earnings.

Agricultural products and food as major export goods

Alongside the agricultural sector, the food industry is one of the largest and most important

economic sectors in France. This is confirmed by statistics from the French Embassy in Germany: with half a million employees, the sector is one of the biggest employers. However, there are now some signs of dwindling stability, due in part to a high market concentration, but also as a result of adjustments to international trading companies. Despite this fact, the European food and drink industry confederation FoodDrinkEurope reports that France achieved a net turnover of around 184.5 billion euros in 2016. This makes it the second largest food industry in Europe after Germany.

At 13.5% in 2015, the agricultural and food sector has the third largest share of total national exports, according to the French Ministry for Commerce and Industry. The main trade partner is Germany, followed by Italy, Belgium, Luxembourg, Spain and Great Britain. The USA and China are the largest co-operation partners globally.

French specialities: wine, champagne, dairy products and meat

The sector enjoys an excellent reputation all over the globe as a producer of wine, champagne, dairy products, meat and other food products. Compared to other European countries, France consistently holds the top places in these areas. As the world's largest wine producer, it can even push Italy out of the top spot, a country famous for its wine. According to calculations by the Association of French Dairy Processors (ALTA), France is the second biggest milk producer in Europe, with an annual production volume of 24.5 million litres.

For a few years now, the organic sector has also experienced a boom within France. Hence the organic share of turnover in the food sector already stands at 2.6%, according to reports by the German Organic Food Production Alliance. This trend will continue to gain momentum on the export market in the future.

Headerimage: ©Tryfonov | stock.adobe.com

STG & Nagel Logistique – the French subsidiary of the Nagel Group

STG & Nagel Logistique was established in 1999. It has representation at five locations in France - Paris, Lyon, Rennes, Lille and Poitiers. The company specialises in temperature-controlled distribution with a focus on chilled and frozen foods and is able to process orders of all sizes. International distribution is carried out via the European network of the Nagel Group, and national distribution via a French partner network. Additional services such as packaging, customs clearance, labelling and order management are also offered to clients in France.

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