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Country report: Austria

Food Logistics in the Alpine Republic

Holiday time is travelling time. In Central Europe, the alpine attitude towards life attracts adventurers, hikers and families to the Alps. Austria has a lot to offer, from plane lake districts and deep forests to the high mountains. The home of Nagel Austria is also of particular importance for logistics.

Austria has approx. 8.6 million inhabitants. Austria is a landlocked central European country. It borders Germany and the Czech Republic to the north, Slovenia and Italy to the south, Slovakia and Hungary to the east and Switzerland and Liechtenstein to the west. From a scenic perspective, Austria is characterised by topographical diversity.

Forests and rolling hills, wetlands and lake districts are located between the flat steppes in the eastern part of the country and the high alpine regions in the west. Austrian German is the native language of about 88.6% of Austrian citizens.

Transport system in Austria: diversely interconnected

The Austrian transport infrastructure is characterised by its location in the Alps and its central location in Central Europe. Thus, Austria is considered to be a typical transit country, which has resulted in an increased volume of traffic. Eurostat reports 24.4 billion tonnekilometres of transport performance in road transport in 2015, compared to approx. 39.2 billion in 2006. The decrease is due to strong investments in the expansion of the rail network and alternative routes connecting north and south.

In 2016, the road network in Austria had a total length of 133,597 kilometres, according to the Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology in Austria (Bundesministerium für Verkehr, Innovation und Technologie), with motorways and dual carriage ways covering a length of 2,208 kilometres.

Nagel Austria
Nagel Austria
Nagel Austria
Nagel Austria
Nagel Austria
Nagel Austria
Nagel Austria

Sensitive encounter: traffic and nature in the Alps

Even ecologically sensitive areas are affected by the high volume of traffic, because the main transport routes are often embedded in large national parks which extend over hillsides to the high mountains or lake districts. The tourist's recreation area is not far from the adventure playground of the climber or a strategically important route of the logistics specialist.

To fairly address economic and ecological issues, measures were taken in a timely manner from the Austrians, in order to regulate the traffic volume. For instance, catalytic converters were required on motor vehicles relatively early in Austria. In addition, only low-noise trucks are allowed on certain routes.

Food: "Made in Austria" has never been as popular as it is today

Austria is also a country of gourmets. "Food and drink hold body and soul together - this citation of Johann Philipp Förtsch illustrates the typical Austrian attitude towards life", says Herbert Grill, Managing Director at Nagel Austria.

This was also confirmed by the survey of "Marketagent": 76.4 % indicated taste as the most important purchase criterion for food in 2014. Therefore, this criterion is by far the most important aspect of the Austrian people. According to "Statistik Austria", food and beverages with a value of 8.85 billion Euro have been exported in 2015, more than ever before. The food industry employed 74,187 people in the same year. This makes the food industry one of the Top 5 economic sectors in Austria. This landlocked country is exporting to about 180 countries around the world. Exports already accounts for two thirds of the production. In 1995, it was just 16 percent.

Austrian pastry specialities

The export volumes of food and beverage increased by approx. 32 % from 6.51 to 8.85 billion Euro between 2009 and 2015. In addition to energy drinks, lemonades and iced teas, the "export hits" of the food industry also include sweets, viennoiseries and other Austrian pastry specialities such as "Kaiserschmarrn".

Nagel Austria: the alpine specialists of the Nagel-Group

Nagel Austria has been founded in 1995, with its headquarters in Traiskirchen. There are four branches in Austria: Traiskirchen, Kramsach, St. Florian and Zettling. In total, 39.500 square metres of cross-docking and storage area are available. The central location of these sites makes direct transport to the most important conurbations in Europe possible Nagel Austria specialises in national and international food distribution in all temperature ranges.


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