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Efficiency & flexibility:

The Nagel-Group as a partner to trade

The Nagel-Group oversees the entire process of commercial logistics – from the order to the reception of goods. A high degree of standardisation and the objective of further improving working processes to optimise performance result in extremely efficient service provision.

Established locally

The essence of sound cooperation is trust. Working together in a spirit of mutual trust at all levels is crucial for a strategic and long-term partnership that lasts many years. The Nagel-Group is an experienced logistics partner of many trading companies and is also at home locally in almost every central warehouse in Europe. The continuous presence means that the employees know the local partners personally. The excellent relations help us to respond swiftly and always remain operational. Ultimately, it is the customers who benefit the most – namely, from the order to the reception of goods.

Customised logistics concepts

Trade has differentiated requirements. For instance, many consider the reception of goods on Saturdays and outside regular working hours an essential quality feature. The Nagel-Group and the central warehouses work together to design logistics concepts that adjust perfectly to the circumstances and ensure a smooth process. Logistics has to be flexible in the face of changing circumstances and find effective solutions to the challenges involved.

Process reliability meets progress: The pilot projects

It is essential to develop logistics services gradually. For instance, one project was implemented to improve data interfaces between logistics and retailers. Having direct access to the eLogistic portal of the Nagel-Group, the customer now has constant access to the delivery notes – increased transparency that helps them to keep an eye on the entire supply chain. Following the successful test period, the solution was integrated into the overall concept. Thus, each subdivision can be optimised gradually without compromising process reliability. .

Optimised processes for your success

This successful structuring of the processes constitutes an essential key to success. Every customer and every product have distinctive logistics requirements. If a process needs considerable attention, the CIP managers of the Nagel-Group are at your disposal. They are responsible for optimising processes on-site in the branches. Working with them allows you to find effective solutions for all sub-processes in logistics.

However, the Nagel-Group can also support development conceptually. Intensive customer workshops focus on optimising the process steps together to improve the daily workflow. All individual measures serve one overarching goal. After all, only those who approach efficiency holistically can provide high-quality commercial logistics.

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