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Customer story: AMC Natural Drinks

Expanded partnership

Growing and moving forward together: Spanish -based AMC Natural Drinks is part of the AMC Group and a major producer of healthy, natural drinks. Increasing success for this long-standing Nagel-Group customer brought with it new challenges. So, it was a good thing that AMC has a strong logistics partner to rely on – especially when entire production chains have to be restructured in the tightest possible timeframes.

The long road from field to fridge

Food goes through many stages before it ends up in the customer’s fridge ready to enjoy. Even when the product has been developed and manufactured, there is still a long chain of different processes. This starts with product design and packaging, then marketing, sales, warehousing, picking and distribution, right up to sales promotion activities and strategic product support. This poses many challenges for food producers and takes up vast amounts of resources

AMC is no exception. The family business, now in its third generation, cultivates fruit fields and produces for the retail trade. Their products are now sold in more than 50 countries around the world. Nagel-Group is entrusted with storage, order picking and distribution for Germany and Austria.

Nagel-Group and AMC have taken their cooperation to a new level to be able to meet the potential for growth. The objective was to concentrate primarily on the company’s core competencies in the future. AMC focused on outsourcing downstream logistics processes as far as possible. Nagel-Group was commissioned to take over further packaging of goods to free up resources here and relieve AMC of the burden of this process.

Project outsourced ‘in record time’

To be precise, the packaging machine had to be relocated from AMC’s site in Vlissingen, Netherlands, to the Nagel-Group branch in Bochum, Germany. And that had to be done as quickly as possible: the longer the process took, the more earnings would be lost.

The brief was simple: the time between dismantling the machine in Vlissingen to commissioning it in Bochum had to be as short as possible. In addition, the system needed to be seamlessly integrated into the on-site processes – plenty of work steps that all needed to be meticulously planned in advance. “I’m extremely proud of my team,” sums up Björn Heinermann, branch manager in Bochum. “Not only did we manage to complete the whole project from the planning phase to completion in a record time of only 14 days, it was only 24 hours from dismantling the machine in Vlissingen to rebuilding it in Bochum! This meant we greatly reduced potential lost earnings for our customer.”

Value-added services for corporate success

The outsourcing project is sustainably successful: because the products are now packaged directly at the Nagel-Group branch, a whole process step has, in fact, been eliminated.

The machine sorts single-variety juice bottles and redistributes them into mixed assortment cartons – fully automatically. An employee then takes the carton from the conveyor and places it on the pallet, which is then immediately sent to the transport/distribution area and on to the customer/retailer.

“Outsourcing the sorting machine enables us to optimise production capacities and to integrate the sorting activities into our logistics chain in the best possible way. This outsourcing gives us absolute added value in our supply chain,” explains Juan Antonio Brao, Head of Logistics at AMC Natural Drinks.

“With AMC, we truly have a partnership of equals. We can optimise the supply chain on both sides and generate suitable solutions for further growth together,” says Patrick Drooghaag, Deputy Head of Corporate Sales & Key Account Management at Nagel-Group.

Outsourcing supported by Nagel-Group – concentrate on your core business!

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