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The Nagel-Group is fully prepared for the festive season

In logistics, the Christmas season begins in summer

Only a few consumers will think about it today: but Christmas is only three months away! Not so for the Nagel-Group. Everything here revolves around chocolate Santa Claus, marzipan or gingerbread. The food logistics company has already paved the way for the festive season.

‘The trading period leading up to Christmas is traditionally the most challenging time in our industry due to its transport volume,’ explains Klaudia Vollmer, Head of Corporate Key Account Management at Nagel-Group. ‘Good preliminary planning and comprehensive expertise allow us to provide our customers with the necessary logistical resources year after year to give their most important sales period of the year the best possible support.’ In doing so, the Nagel-Group ensures that consumers in the supermarket will again be able to choose Christmas treats to their heart’s content.

Since cargo space is becoming ever scarcer in times of truck-driver shortage, the Nagel-Group has already begun to make the necessary arrangements during the hot summer months. ‘We are deliberately expanding capacities in our branches for the run-up to the holiday season,’ states Dirk Grünhagen, Head of LTL-Network Germany at the Nagel-Group.

Best quality even in the high-volume weeks

The food logistics company is pulling out all the stops to keep up with the enormous transport volume by scheduling fixed seasonal routes or taking the pressure off the branches through additional direct services. ‘As a result of these measures, we are creating not only more cargo space but also the necessary flexibility to always remain true to our commitment to quality even in the high-volume weeks,’ stresses Grünhagen.

Close coordination with the customer is critical to access the necessary resources continuously. ‘As a reliable partner of the food industry, we always maintain a close relationship with the customer. Communication has intensified even more than usual in the run-up to the Christmas trading period,’ reports Klaudia Vollmer.

Working with the customer

Optimal utilisation of the cargo hold requires forward-looking planning. Accordingly, customers should always inform about additional volume in good time. Which products need to be transported instantly? Which could possibly be stored for a little longer? Which consignees can receive shipments on Saturday? ‘We liaise closely with the customer and carefully coordinate delivery dates and volumes. Working with the customer, we then make the best possible decisions in terms of quality and cost,’ describes Vollmer.

All these measures ultimately result in the best use of the available transport capacities – and the consumers find the usual variety and quality on the shelves just in time for Christmas so that nothing stands in the way of the feast under the Christmas tree.

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