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The Nagel-Group provides all transport and warehousing services for the Schwartauer Works

A partner for all logistics services

A perfect day starts with a perfect breakfast. Anyone spreading a nice dollop of Schwartau jam on their toast in Germany can be certain that the Nagel-Group has transported it. In Germany the food logistics company provides the full distribution service for the Schwartau Works in Schleswig-Holstein.

Around 500 pallets stacked with jams and muesli bars are transported to their destinations by the Nagel-Group every day from the production works in Bad Schwartau. That amounts to 300 tonnes which pass through the Nagel-Group’s German network day in, day out - ensuring that consumers always have a full range of jams to choose from.

“In the Nagel-Group we have a partner to whom we entrust all our logistics tasks. As well as transport, this includes complete warehousing,” adds Dirk Löding, Production, Technical and Logistics Manager at the Schwartau Works. Outsourcing the whole logistics process has a decisive benefit for the jam specialists: “This partnership enables us to concentrate fully on our core competency - making delicious jams and muesli bars,” says Dirk Löding.

590,000 jars of jam a day are produced

The Schwartau Works make more than 100 different kinds of spreads, dessert sauces and coffee syrups, as well as nut and muesli bars. Around 590,000 jars of jam leave the works every day. The “Schwartau Extra” brand is one of the most popular jams in Germany, and is available in 26 varieties. A savoury spread, “Gemüseglück” made from vegetables, was launched in 2017.

With a market share of around 30%, the Schwartauer Works are the leading producer of jams in Germany, according to their own estimations. The company is also the market leader with their nut and muesli bar brand “Corny”. Around 16,500 tonnes of Corny muesli bars are produced every year. Schwartau is part of the Hero Group and employs around 850 people.

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Closeness to customers as a recipe for success

“Schwartau has put its entire national distribution system in the hands of the Nagel-Group. This has led to a very close, and also very trusting cooperation,” says Hans-Jürgen Bentfeld, Key Account Manager for the business at Kraftverkehr Nagel. The origins of this successful business relationship with the Nagel-Group go back to Ferd. Sengelmann Söhne GmbH & Co. KG.

This freight forwarding company from Ratekau used to belong to Schwartau, and has been part of the Nagel-Group since 2004. This long-term connection, combined with geographical proximity, leads to quick and direct decision- making. In addition to the short routes, Schwartau particularly appreciates the Nagel Group’s focus on customer orientation: “Because we have been working with the Nagel-Group for so long, we have found ourselves a reliable partner with an extremely good knowledge of the process requirements of our business and the particular features of our products,” confirms Dirk Löding.

The food logistics company supports customers throughout the whole supply chain. It starts right here at the works in Bad Schwartau: the goods are collected from here every day, then transported to the dry goods warehouse in Schönberg. The products are placed in intermediate storage, there on 12,000 pallets on an average day, then transported to the Nagel-Group’s other branches. From there they are taken direct to the recipient: either to the big central warehouses of small retailers, or to the supermarkets and discount chains.

In addition to transport, the Nagel-Group handles all contract logistics for Schwartau. The main hub for this service is the 40,000 square metre warehouse in Schönberg. All processes associated with warehousing, transport and added-value services are closely interconnected here. In this phase of the supply chain, the Nagel-Group also supports Schwartau with other logistics services including order-picking and finalpackaging.

70% delivered direct

But the Nagel-Group does not just score on proximity to the customer. Löding praises the collaboration, saying “The comprehensive network for temperature-controlled and non-temperature- controlled goods is also important for us, as well as good access to our customers’ warehouses.” “The Nagel-Group and its staff in our experience stand out for their reliable customer service - which they provide to ourselves and our customers.” In order to transport these large quantities every day a significant portion are sent direct.

Partnership with a future

This close business relationship has become a real win-win situation. The result: the Nagel-Group and Schwartau are further expanding their business relationship. “We are relying on continuing good cooperation between the Nagel-Group and the Schwartauer Works over the next few years, and have reinforced this intention with a multi-year contract,” says Löding.

And the partnership also offers further potential for the future. With the increasing internationalization of their businesses, the Schwartau Works and sister companies in the Hero Group also have the access they need to the Nagel- Group’s European network. “The European orientation of the Nagel-Group opens up new options for us, which we are currently exploring,” is how Dirk Löding characterises their future outlook. Schwartau would like to continue growing - together with the Nagel-Group.

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