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Everything digital: from order creation to direct debits

Faster and simpler

The Nagel-Group is continuing to systematically digitalise its processes. This has numerous benefits for the customer: processes are not only faster, they also become simpler and more transparent. Amongst others, this demonstrates that the customer can handle practically the entire business relationship with the Nagel-Group online - from creating an order to direct debits.

Almost all paperwork relevant to the transport process is now generated as electronic documentation at the Nagel-Group. This saves resources on the customer side.
And it all begins when an order is created: transport orders no longer need to be issued by telephone, email or fax, and instead, are generated simply and conveniently in the Nagel-Group’s eLogistics portal, along with all relevant information and the digital delivery note, or sent via a GS1 standard interface.

Seamless online goods tracking

As is customary in this sector, the Nagel-Group uses SSCCs (serial shipping container codes) in all its processes. The 18-digit number is generated for each shipment and assigned to each shipping unit. In addition to unique identification, this also facilitates the seamless online tracking of individual packages - from collection through to delivery.
From now on, the customer is always kept up-to-date: the status of a shipment can be checked online at any time using the Tracking & Tracing shipment information system, based on the shipment, the delivery note, or even the individual package. Consequently, the customer always knows where in the transport chain the goods are at any time, and in exceptional cases, where deviations have occurred. The digital delivery note is available in Tracking & Tracing together with the shipment information and is available via all interfaces. The customer can also use this system to obtain information on successful deliveries. Tracking & Tracing is part of the Nagel-Group's eLogistics portal, which currently has over 6,000 active users.

Delivery refused? The customer decides online

And if the consignee refuses to accept the delivery? Then the customer decides how to proceed online. Do they want to take the goods back, or should delivery be attempted again the following day? There is no need for emails or faxes at this point either. Further actions are decided in the eLogistics portal. This not only accelerates the subsequent steps, it also increases process reliability and ensures greater transparency. All refused deliveries and transactions are archived and are also available at any time for further enquiries.

The entire process remains digital even after a successful delivery. The invoice can be sent directly via an interface when recording the services. The Nagel-Group now relies heavily on the SEPA direct debit process, with the aim of saving the customer time and effort. This straightforward payment processing method also saves resources, benefiting both parties.

The Nagel-Group is continuing to systematically transform its processes through digitalisation, with the aim of making them even more straightforward and streamlined. As a result, its customers are able to focus fully on their own core competencies.

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