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The fleet of tomorrow

Extensive vehicle test gets underway

What will the tractor units in Nagel-Group’s future fleet look like? A large-scale vehicle test at the Borgholzhausen branch aims to provide some answers to that question. Seven diesel vehicles, as well as an electric truck will be put through their paces.

Nagel-Group has one of the most advanced truck fleets. The vehicles are replaced every three years on average. Corporate Fleet Management wants to use a comprehensive test to assess how the fleet will evolve in the coming years.

The models of the series to be assessed are the DAF XF 105.480, IVECO S-Way AS 440, Volvo FH 460, MAN TGX (2021 model), Ford F-Max, Scania R410 (new generation), and DAIMLER Actros 1845 (MP5). The Futuricum Volvo FM13 electric truck is also being examined again. The vehicle type has already completed a trial in southern Germany. “The electric truck’s range was not particularly impressive at the time. The manufacturer took our feedback on board and extended the range. We will see how the vehicle performs this time in different terrain with new battery technology and different test conditions,” says Arthur Ebel, Head of Fleet Management.

All trucks will be subject to the same test design. The same two test drivers will drive the vehicles in weekly rotation on a comparable reference route in day-and-night traffic. They will assess various factors such as the latest safety systems, convenience of coupling and uncoupling, handling characteristics, and operation of the technical equipment. Fuel/energy consumption will also be a significant aspect. Accordingly, the test drivers log every fill-up, which is then evaluated using the SAP system.

The current trial is intended to last for twelve weeks. “After that, the analysis of the field data and the manufacturer’s information begins. Taken together, these factors provide a comprehensive picture of the manufacturers and specifications we will use in the coming years,” explains Ebel.

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