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Battery charging with solar power

Test phase started with solar panels on trailers

Food logistics is an energy-intensive business. Since the beginning of the year, the Nagel-Group has been testing the use of solar panels on the tops of 20 new refrigeration trailers to generate a small amount of energy for telematics self-sufficiently.

The solar panels use the energy of the daylight to charge the battery of the refrigeration unit. Since the system is thus self-sufficient to a certain extent, less electricity needs to be generated by the combustion engine. The use of the panels also extends the battery's service life, thus enabling a more sustainable use of the rare resource lithium.

Another important aspect is the improved efficiency. Fewer downtime due to discharged batteries, lower emergency service costs for the mobile external starting of the refrigeration units and a better availability of telematics ensure that daily operations become even more efficient.

Economic and environmental contribution

The positive effects already became apparent during the first weeks of the test. For example, trailers, which are parked in the yard without active use on Sundays, can cover the energy requirements o the refrigeration battery during the day thanks to the new solar panels.

The 20 test vehicles are used at various sites in Europe. For one year, Corporate Fleet will analyse the economic and environmental contribution of the trailer upgrade.

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