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Frozen logistics

Multi-chamber vehicles are on the advance

The trend in food distribution is moving towards the transport of several temperature zones in one vehicle. Particularly popular combinations are deep-frozen and refrigerated on the one hand, and refrigerated and ambient temperatures on the other.

Inside a modern multi-temperature truck

Investment in a modern fleet

The Nagel-Group recognised this development at an early stage and is expanding its fleet accordingly. With further investments in multi-temperature trailers and multi-temperature distribution vehicles, it will be possible to transport even more frozen pizzas at the same time as fresh salad or yoghurt in future.

This ensures an efficient distribution of goods, as it is not necessary to make two separate vehicles available when products with different chilling temperatures are intended for the same destination. As well as distribution vehicles and trailers, there is also investment in new tractor units.

Fleet with multi-temperature capability

Numerous new trucks are already in operation, equipped with the latest technology and offering drivers an enormous degree of comfort and safety. Standard equipment for the new vehicles includes reversing cameras, proximity control, emergency braking assistance and lane departure warning. Back-friendly seats and a well-equipped cab are just some of the items improving the driver’s comfort.

Investment in our own modern fleet with multi-temperature capability is a strategic measure in the providing a high level of quality assurance for our customers. The Nagel-Group therefore invests continuously in optimising the fleet, specialising in the frozen and refrigerated sector.

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