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Technology at Frankfurt Airport

Rapid chilling safeguards high quality

The Perishable Center Frankfurt (PCF) with its modern technologies optimises the supply chain for its customers. Fast-cooling and vacuum cooling provide even better temperature management at Frankfurt Airport.

Fast-cooling ensures quality of fruit and vegetables

“Cooling chain management is a significant factor in preserving the quality of products,” is how Rainer Wittenfeld, Managing Director of PCF, sums it up. “Because only continuous cooling guarantees the freshness of fruit and vegetables.”

The Perishable Center at Frankfurt Airport has been guaranteeing the quality of products with a new fast-cooling system. Products can be chilled to their required temperatures within only 20% of the normal cooling time.

Facts about fast-cooling system

  • Substantially shorter cooling time until the desired product temperature is reached
  • Fast-cooling equipment can be used in existing refrigerated rooms.
  • The fast-cooling system can handle up to 24 pallets

Vacuum cooler ensures flowers remain fresh for longer

PCF uses a vacuum cooler to ensure flowers reach the temperature which is ideal for preserving their quality after a long flight. Vacuum cooling is the quickest and most even cooling method.

“Thanks to the low pressure, the oxygen concentration in the flower tissue and the concentration of ethylene released reduces,” explains Wittenfeld. The wilting process during onward transport and sales is slowed down, which makes it possible to keep flowers fresh and in storage for longer.

Facts about vacuum cooler

  • Reduction in temperature to +2 °C to +5 °C within 20 to 30 minutes.
  • Very stable and accurate final temperature with changing loads
  • Flowers remain fresh for longer

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