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Consignment unit number

NVE - more than software

Where previously time-consuming manual documentation using pen and paper was necessary, NVE scanning nowadays has taken over most of the work involved. Scanning in the ID number using the MDE device has changed processes in the warehouse. Employees and customers benefit from its informative value and higher transparency.

“The aim is to capture consignment units at interfaces in the transport chain and document their progress in process chain,” explains Alexander Shaffer, NVE Project Manager at the Nagel-Group . Tracking the shipment gains a new dimension: employees can not only identify products better using the 18-digit ID number, but also document damage more easily.

NVE can significantly reduce time

“NVE represents added value for employees and customers. They are its focus,” says Shaffer. To familiarise employees in all departments with the new software training courses, analyses and on-the-spot advice were carried out. After some initial scepticism, employees now love the system, as it helps to speed up processes.

“The time window between collecting goods from the customer and shipment is always very tight – with NVE we can significantly reduce that time,” says Frank Niklaus, Head of Freight-forwarding Application systems, as he evaluates the software.

NVE is not commonplace in frozen logistics

“NVE is not a destination, but a long journey,” complemented Shaffer. Processes are continuously optimised, to make work as easy as possible for employees. The Nagel-Group worked with NVE for several years in its preliminary stages. From receipt of goods to delivery to the customer, the route taken by the product is now tracked inhouse.

In 2015 NVE was introduced in the Nagel-Group at all fresh and frozen food sites in Germany. This is a unique selling point for the Nagel-Group, as in practice NVE is not commonplace in the frozen logistics sector. During this year and next year, inventory control and project planning for NVE will be carried out for the international branches. 2016

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