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Women in logistics

A passionate professional driver

Skills shortages. This is a term that worries logistics companies because there is a lack of qualified young professionals. In Great Britain, the government calls on transport companies to hire more female drivers. The example of Emily Powell shows that the profession is also exciting for women.

There are 400,000 professional drivers in Great Britain, the home of Nagel Langdons, the British subsidiary of the Nagel-Group. Only 0.5 percent of these are women. The 23-year-old Emily Powell is one of the 1,600 female drivers. In July 2015, she started her apprenticeship at Nagel Langdons, today she is a professional driver at the branch in Liverpool.

"My dream was always to become a professional driver - I love to travel, to see other places and to meet new people," says Emily Powell about her dream job. Before starting at Nagel Langdons, she worked as a taxi driver in the Liverpool area: "You can imagine that it's discouraging for women if you never know who gets into your taxi next." Therefore, she took the opportunity and applied for an apprenticeship as professional driver at the Nagel-Group.

Emily Powell.

Emily Powell: "I'm an outdoor woman"

To be on the road was particularly important to Emily Powell when choosing her profession. "I could never imagine working in an office or in retail. I like working independently - my job at Nagel allows me exactly that."

The daily routine of the 23-year old is full of variety. Every day, she drives to new places which she did not know before and she appreciates the exchange with the customers. As a professional driver, she has a great responsibility. In direct contact with the customers, she creates the connection between Nagel Langdons and the customer and, at the same time, represents the company externally.

A fashion-conscious woman in a male-dominated job

Emily Powell confirms that her profession is mainly dominated by men - this is what she experiences every day: "So far, all uniforms are tailored to men, which can make women feel uncomfortable."

In her opinion, there are not enough women who aspire to the profession of a professional driver which is due to its reputation as a male domain. The work is also interesting for women, says Emily: "I also recommend a career in logistics to other women since the profession is very varied overall."

Is there something that she does not like in her job? "Getting up early," she laughs - at least it never gets boring.

Career as professional driver

Powell looks forward to her future at the Nagel-Group and wants to take each opportunity for further training which is offered in order to advance her career.

Emily Powell has the most important characteristic for the profession, passion - and therefore, she is a valuable addition to Nagel Langdons.

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