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Three employees tell us what it’s all about in the warehouse

“Flexibility is one of our greatest strengths”

Every day our staff ensure that the goods are placed very precisely in the warehouse, order-picked, packaged and despatched. What challenges do you encounter? What do you like about your job? And what skills are especially important? Jakob Zozula (30, Malmö, Nagel Sverige), Olcay Turan (44, Raalte, Nagel Nederland) and Ashley Lewis (27, Bridgwater, Nagel Langdons) tell us their stories.

Jakob Zozula
Olcay Turan
Ashley Lewis

What jobs do you do in the warehouse?

Jakob Zozula: I have worked as a warehouse manager since 2015. My jobs include improving processes, customer contact and ensuring quality standards are met. As well as dealing with daily operational matters, I am also responsible for the warehouse staff.

Olcay Turan: As the supervisor and deputy team leader, I am the first point of contact when it comes to loading and unloading trucks.

Ashley Lewis: I work in the warehouse office, and am responsible for stock control. As well as the daily inventory, I also deal with handling returns. Working together with the warehouse supervisor I ensure that the right products are used for the contracts.

What challenges do you encounter in your everyday work?

Jakob Zozula: At peak times it’s sometimes challenging to manage with the limited warehouse area. Good planning and good communications are particularly important then.

Olcay Turan: The greatest challenge is to load and unload all trucks promptly and without any delay. You need good organisation for that, as well as a committed, functioning team.

Ashley Lewis: Every day is different, and can present completely different challenges. Customers’ requirements and deadlines can change at very short notice - and we have to react in the optimum way. I make sure that everything is carried out at a high level with standardised, efficient processes.

Why is working in the Nagel-Group warehouse particularly interesting?

Jakob Zozula: Because we handle completely different products every day, with completely different characteristics and requirements. The goods range from fresh meat through smoothies to airline catering. But our warehouse management system is designed to ensure that it can meet almost any special request from a customer. This flexibility is one of our greatest strengths.

Olcay Turan: Because I’m part of a fantastic team who are prepared to support each other every day. I have a lot to do with people, the expectations are clear and unambiguous. Everyone knows what is expected of them. We have an open communication culture.

Ashley Lewis: The work is unusually varied, and there is always the opportunity to develop yourself further. That’s also reflected in my career: I started as a picker at Nagel Langdons in 2012. Nowadays I work in the office, and keep an eye on all warehouse stocks.

What do you need to be successful in the warehouse?

Jakob Zozula: To be open to different areas of work. You have to be well organised and quick-thinking. Knowledge of IT is helpful, for instance Excel, Powerpoint and warehouse management systems.

Olcay Turan: You need a clear allocation of jobs, clear structures, a positive attitude to work, the ability to work in a team and to have constructive dialogue with the other departments.

Ashley Lewis: A positive attitude. You have to be willing to learn new things and take on responsibility. But the really key skills are being quick and accurate. Understanding how your colleagues work is also important.

Why would you advise young people to go for a career in contract logistics?

Jakob Zozula: Because working in the warehouse combines various different areas. Its an excellent basis for a further career in logistics.

Olcay Turan: Simply because it’s a very varied job. Every day brings new challenges, but you can only be successful as part of a team. And you have regular contact with customers and your colleagues on different sites - that’s really nice!

Ashley Lewis: You get a fantastic insight into the whole supply chain. And as a young person you learn essential skills for your future career, such as promptness, accuracy and team work.

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