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Interview with a professional driver at the Nagel-Group

Unique and multifaceted: a profile of a professional driver

Professional drivers are the link between the Nagel-Group and the customer. They ensure the safe and punctual transport of foodstuffs. In this interview, Dawid Plubisch tells us about the special aspects of his chosen occupation and what requirements a professional driver has to meet.

Dawid Plubisch

What is so special about being a professional driver?

It is a great job. I have always wanted to drive. What excites me particularly about the job is that you get around a lot and you get to see many places. I am proud that I can make a difference by delivering foodstuffs to people.

What does a typical working day look like?

There is no such thing as a typical working day in my case. My day always starts early, mostly at the same time. What changes every day are the customers to whom the delivery is made; and this is what makes it a lot of fun.

You are responsible for the safe transport of foodstuffs. What do you need to pay particular attention to?

Securing the load is very important as I have to transport the goods safely from one place to another. In case of refrigerated transport, I have to keep an eye on the temperature. Freight documents for all transports have to be in order and I have to check if I can operate the scanner properly. This is extremely important. My appearance and my behaviour also play an important role because customers know that I am representing the Nagel-Group. It goes without saying that I have to pay attention to the road while driving, and I also have to observe driving times and rest periods.

What do you do during your rest period?

Most of the time, I talk to my colleagues if they are also taking a break or I read or watch movies. Getting enough sleep is the best way to stay awake. Though, music and coffee also help me stay awake.

Did you need to have special qualifications for the job?

Every professional driver has to have an appropriate driving licence. They also need to have an initial qualification after passing the examination conducted by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK) as stipulated by the Professional Drivers' Qualification Law. The Nagel-Group supported me through this process and I could obtain both my licence and my qualification. I also attend trainings regularly.

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