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Four truck-drivers tell us why they decided on this as a career

No day like any other

The image of the HGV driver is often full of misconceptions. The shortage of HGV drivers poses an immense challenge for the logistics industry. Nevertheless, young people are still making the decision to enter the profession. Peter Traby (29, Zettling, Nagel Austria), Petr Růžička (23, Říčany- Jazlovice, Nagel Česko), Hans- Hermann Christ (23, Langenfeld, Kraftverkehr Nagel) and Josef Eva (23, Borgholzhausen, Kraftverkehr Nagel) tell us why they made this decision.

You all drive on Europe’s roads for the Nagel-Group. Why did you want to be truck-drivers?

Petr Růžička: Even as a child I dreamed of being a truck-driver. When I was starting out in the job, I wanted to learn from the professionals - and decided to take a job with Nagel Česko.

Josef Eva: For me, more than anything, it’s a secure job. HGV drivers are always in demand, I don’t have to worry about that. And the work is always varied and never boring.

Peter Traby: It was quite a different start for me. I had to give up my original job as a baker for health reasons. I found a new perspective as an HGV driver. I turned my hobby - driving - into a career. It’s proved to have been a good decision, which has also had financial benefits for me.

Hans-Hermann Christ: I wanted to stand on my own two feet and be independent as soon as possible. My father was also a truck-driver, so we’re keeping the job in the family, so to speak!

The job of truck-driver suffers from a negative image. Why would you still recommend this career?

Josef Eva: It’s a job with a future. Ultimately, goods always have to be transported. And also it’s a nice feeling, having responsibility for such a large vehicle. It’s something special.

Hans-Hermann Christ: The job is very varied. Of course, driving is the main thing, but there are other parts of it like making sure the load is secure, vehicle mechanics and contact with customers. And what you get paid for your work is really OK.

Petr Růžička: I can particularly recommend this career if you work as part of a good team - like in my branch. As far as I’m concerned, my colleagues make the whole thing something special. We help one another like a big family. And one other thing is important: I get home to my family every day, and still have time for my hobbies.

Peter Traby: The days are very varied, you never get bored. No day is like any other, and you face new challenges every day. And also, driving is fun!

What skills do you definitely need as an HGV driver?

Petr Růžička: As a driver you have to be reliable and conscientious. And also communicative, as you often have contact with customers.

Josef Eva: Flexibility is important. And also, when you’re dealing with customers, you sometimes need patience! Apart from that you need self-discipline, because you do have to get up early.

Hans-Hermann Christ: Having selfconfidence is essential as a driver. If you’re anxious, you make mistakes, and people could get injured. Team spirit is important when you’re dealing with dispatchers. And having a friendly attitude to customers is also important, because as a driver you represent the company. Willingness to help one another is important. You can easily help another driver if he is a bit uncertain about manoeuvring.

Peter Traby: I think, first and foremost, you have to have mastery of the vehicle. We have a big responsibility as truckdrivers. As well as being cautious and accurate, you also need to be quickwitted. And having a friendly approach is also important, because you have contact with customers every day.

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