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International branch exchange

Nagel-Group apprentices gaining experiences abroad

Getting to know another department, looking over the shoulders of colleagues or making new contacts: the international branch exchange offers new opportunities to gain experiences abroad for the apprentices and students of dual degree programmes of the Nagel-Group.

Who wants to think outside the box in the course of their apprenticeship, is the right apprentice at the Nagel-Group. At the end of the second apprenticeship year or the beginning of the third one, junior employees who have shown commitment, know-how and good achievements during their apprenticeship or dual degree studies in Germany, have the opportunity to gain international practice for some weeks at one of the numerous Nagel-Group branches abroad.

Last summer, Sebastian Benz supported our colleagues at the Hungarian branch while Nico Dralle spent four weeks with the colleagues in France.

Sebastian Benz in Hungary

Insights into logistics in Hungary

Sebastian Benz is a student of a dual degree programme at the site in Groß-Gerau. Then he got the opportunity to visit a foreign country he was not familiar with at all. Benz quickly decided to become part of the branch Alsónémedi near Budapest in Hungary for two weeks. There, the 20-year-old worked mainly in the international groupage department.

He got to know the processes on site, looked over the shoulders of his Hungarian colleagues and supported them with the daily tasks - Sebastian Benz was actively involved in the daily operational business himself. Thus, he gained an accurate insight into planning and sales, which he already knew from his work in Groß-Gerau.

Benz talked German or English with his colleagues. After all, the staff of the department know at least one of these foreign languages. "I was able to look at the work processes within the Nagel-Group from a new perspective and to draw comparisons", Benz reports. Thanks to the exchange, he not only gained valuable professional international experience but also made contacts and got to know a new town.

Truck of STG&Nagel logistigue.

Exchange with colleagues in France

Nico Dralle also liked it very much at the French branch: he was impressed by the hospitality and openness shown by the colleagues. At lunch, he sat at the table with them, after work, they took him for an exploration tour or picked him up at home in the morning. Nico Dralle was completely integrated and part of the French team.

The student of dual degree programme left his familar environment in Wustermark and worked for four weeks at the Nagel branch in Communay near Lyon. His initial worries that his French skills are limited were quickly gone. Because at the branch, many of his new colleagues could speak German or English. "We were able to communicate without problems", says Dralle. If there was a problem with a word, there was always a solution. If necessary, we communicated with gestures.

Nico Dralle was mainly concerned with the entry of data and preparations for the transport planning department. He planned own tours or entered figures and data of customers. After he entered consignments and created freight orders, the apprentice had sent the orders to the respectvie forwarding companies. Nico Dralle also made telephone calls daily - primarily with German customers.

In addition to the daily operational business, Dralle also worked in a project for the implementation of a transnational technical network process and dealt with critical success factors, the integration of sales and external network partners.

Good achievements and language skills are required for a stay abroad

"I recommend each apprentice or students of dual degree programmes to make this experience", says Dralle. "Your self-confidence will grow if you have the opportunity to work independently in so many situations". For the 20-year-old , this was a unique and great experience .

Each year, the branch exchange offers approximately 20 apprentices the opportunity to gain experiences abroad. The requirements are a proper performance behaviour, good learning outcomes and language skills. "English is a must. Knowledge of the national language is always important, but not required", explains Ulrich Mihatsch, training manager of the Nagel-Group in Germany.

The goal of the exchange is to extend the professional and practical skills and knowledge of the apprentices. The offer is available to each apprentice - in addition to the work, they are supposed to get to know the language and culture of the countries and experience how an international company is working.

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